All of our Catholic Academy of Bridgeport schools are equipped with cutting-edge technology—including iPads, wireless buildings, mobile laptop carts and interactive white boards. We embrace technology as an integral tool for learning.

Technology at St. Ann Academy

With the guidance of our Library Media Center staff, all grade levels learn how to find information, where to find information, and how to decide whether the information they find is good information or answers their questions. For some grade levels that means learning about research; for others that means learning about using the Library Media Center and the information that is in it.

We have 35 Chromebooks for student use in our Library Media Center. A Chromebook relies on the Internet. There is very little internal memory so most documents and projects are saved using cloud technology.


Tablets are available in the classroom for technology integration.

Grades K–2

Students in our kindergarten through grade 2, use Chromebooks in the Library Media Center in support of both reading and math curriculum. Tablets are also available in the classroom for center activities that support all curriculum areas.

Grades 3–5

Students in grades 3–5 use the Chromebooks in the Library Media Center for school projects but do not have individual school email accounts.

Grades 6–8

Each middle school student is given a school email address through Gmail. The students can access their accounts from home as well as school, but they are to only be used for school work. Our Library and Technology Director will have access to all the student accounts.

With Google Apps for Education, particularly Google Drive, the students use their email accounts to share documents with other students and teachers at St. Ann Academy. They can work on documents and projects from anywhere with Internet access and do not have to worry about printing issues unless the teachers want a hard copy of an assignment.