At St. Ann Academy we believe the arts, representing the universal nature of humanity, assist in the development of a student’s intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential. By integrating the arts through projects in core subjects, students become more engaged, effective learners in areas such as literacy, mathematics, science and social studies.

Music, Drama and the Visual Arts play a vital role in our curriculum. Our goal is to help students foster an appreciation for the unique value of each of these elements and to understand how they are all are interconnected.

At St. Ann Academy we take every opportunity to expose students to the rich culture around us. Along with the arts and entertainment resources within the revitalized Black Rock community, we make use of museums, universities and more within the City of Bridgeport, Fairfield County and New York City.

Visual Art

All students in PreK through grade 8 receive 40 minutes of Visual Art instruction per week. Our students explore a variety of mediums in their classes, including oil, pastel, Paper Mache, print-making and sculpture in a dedicated art space.  Our students participate in many local and state art contests.  We participate in an art exchange program through Creative Connections.

Music and Drama

Students at St. Ann Academy work on a variety of music projects, including research papers that integrate with the Literacy Curriculum. For instance, in one project students make their own instruments, and write a short essay in response to the prompt “If I were an instrument…”

After-School Arts

We also offer a variety of creative enrichment programs in our After-School Program, including Art Club and Drama. The musical put on by students in the Drama program each spring is a highlight of the year!

Spring Arts Festival

Each spring we celebrate the multi-talented students inn our school community.  This evening festival provides student performers a platform for sharing their talents as musicians, vocalists, dancers actors and actresses.