Projects 5 Grade

Spanish Grade 5 Project   - Me gusta…No me gusta


                                       Due date _March 13,14 2018


For this assignment you will work individual and produce ME GUSTA – NO ME GUSTA project.This presentation should be between3 and 5 minutes long. It should include 3 likes and 3 dislikes (per person), at least one thing that interests you and one thing bores you (per person), vocabulary that indicates how much or how little you like the activities (me gusta mucho, no me gusta nada), also you will use ME ENCANTA- NO ME ENCANTA to combine with gustar. Make statements about yourself using at least 3 adjectives each. (ex: Soy sociable, Ella es reservada). Please introduce yourself in Spanish.  NOTE: You can translate from Spanish into English


Me gusta mirar televisión y me encanta los videojuegos

Me gusta mucho…me encanta mucho///Me gusta ___ y encanta_____-y

No me gusta la tarea, pero me encanta leer…

No me gusta nada la tarea…

No me gusta ni la tarea, ni los exámenes.

Illustrations may be drawn, cut from magazines, clip art, etc.


This project will be worth 100 points and will be graded as a test.  It will be graded on the required elements, creativity/ originality, use of language (grammar and vocabulary), pronunciation, and clarity and total presentation.

Project options: You can choose one of the options below for the format of your project: Buncee, Poster or power point

Power point presentation: You have to create a least 10 slides: In the first slide (cover slide) you have to write:

  • Project title “Me gusta – No me gusta” /////--Subject…SPANISH Grade 5
  • Teacher’s name…Sr. Romero  ///////-- Name of student and date.


  • Poster :  Make a poster with pictures or clip art and text that fit all the activities according to your script. Present your poster orally to the class. You may use note cards as reminders, but DON’T just read them. Be well rehearsed, please.

            Project Check list:   All projects must fulfill these requirements:

  1. Must be 100% in Spanish               2.  Include 3 likes per person
  1. Include 3 dislikes per person          4.  Include Introductions and descriptions

                  Include 1 interest and 1 thing that bores you 


Project Due  on Tuesday and Wednesday March 14-15,2018. Late projects will lose 10 points for each day late. 


Send  project by e-mail to :