Projects 8 Grade



This project is designed to give you an opportunity to describe in Spanish what you like to do in your free time, and how your hobbies compare to those of people in Spanish speaking countries.

Purpose: You will use “Sports and Hobbies” vocabulary and grammar to tell about your favorite sport or hobby. You will respond questions about your favorite sport, hobby and day/time for each one.

 Objectives: Students will create and give a presentation using learned Spanish grammar and vocabulary on “sports and hobbies”.

Task: You will create a presentation of your SPORT or HOBBY. A Buncee, Power -point presentation, poster, or video will be used as a tool when you present to the class about your DEPORTE or PASATIEMPO (Sport or Hobby). The following 4 categories and the questions below them must be covered in your presentation. The presentation can be no longer than 3 minutes. You may include more, but the minimum requirements are as follows:


  1. Deportes/sports: ¿Cual es tu deporte favorito? Mi deporte favorito es _______. What is your  

     favorite sport? My favorite sport is ____________.

 2. Pasatiempos/hobbies: ¿Cual es tu pasatiempo favorito? Mi pasatiempo favorito es ____. 

    What      is your favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is __________.

 3. Time/Tiempo: ¿Cuándo juegas al baloncesto? Yo juego al baloncesto el lunes. A qué hora     

      juegas al baloncesto? Yo juego al baloncesto a las 5 en punto de la tarde. When do you

      practice basketball? I practice basketball on Monday. At what time do you play basketball? I  

      play basketball at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

  1. An oral portion: An oral portion in which you will speak to me and to the entire class for  1-3 minutes about your hobbies, hobbies of people in Spanish speaking countries, what you learned during chapters 10-11, etc. You will NOT be able to read your answers or refer to anything in writing during our conversation.

Possible questions that I may ask you:

¿Cuáles son tus pasatiempos favoritos?   ¿Por qué te gusta ___________?

¿Qué haces durante tu tiempo libre?  ¿Qué haces después de la escuela?

¿A ti, te gusta _______________?  ¿Cuáles son los deportes más populares en los países hispano-hablantes?  ¿Cuáles son algunos de los pasatiempos menos populares? ¿Qué sabes ahora que no sabías antes de los pasatiempos?

¿A ti, te gusta más _________ o __________? ¿Por qué?  And much more…….


This is a major project for the quarter, will be graded as a Test. Be sure you have a complete understanding of what is expected of the project’s goals and objectives as well as of what is expected for a successful project. Please be sure to start on this project as soon as possible. You are welcome to ask the teacher to check your work, questions and answers for any mistakes before you finish the project.

You are expected to use as much of the vocabulary as you can in your writing. You will be assessed on your speaking and presentational skills.  You will have time to work on this in class.


Project Due Wednesday and Thursday  March14-15,2018. Late projects will lose 10 points for each day late. 

Send four project by e-mail to :