Birthday and Allergy Policy
In the case of special events at which food is served (e.g. Thanksgiving Feast, Pancake Breakfast, etc.), the parents of the child with food allergies must provide appropriate food. Once again, an allergen free-table will be established. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child to these events. Volunteers are NOT responsible for these situations.

All families are allowed to send in cupcakes for a child’s birthday. No gifts, balloons, or trinkets are given out by the birthday child. If there is a child in the classroom with food allergies, he/she will not be given any of these special treats. Instead, his/her parents will be asked to supply an allergen-free substitute. Please let the classroom teacher know in advance what your plans are, so that proper arrangements can be made and so that the teacher can let the parents of any student with allergies know to provide an alternative. There will be NO exceptions to this policy. Students celebrating birthdays will be recognized at morning prayer, spin the birthday wheel and be given the birthday surprise they land on. A birthday bulletin board recognizes students each month. “Goody” bags are not allowed at Catholic Academy under any circumstances. If “goody bags” are sent in they will not be sent home again with the student. Classroom rewards that involve food items are not allowed.