Pre-K 3/4 Supply List

PK3/ PK4 Supply List


 1 LARGE Backpack. (NO WHEELS).  


1 Lunchbox (large enough for your child's food and easy for him/her to open and close independently)    


A Change of Clothing ( 1 pair of PANTS, 2 pairs of underwear and socks,  1 SHORT-SLEEVED  shirt,  1 pair of sneakers) in  a plastic or ziplock bag.    Please do not send shorts. 


 8 Elmer's Glue sticks (Purple)


1 Large container of Elmer's White School Glue


 1 Package of Baby wipes (refills are okay)


1 Large Boxes of Tissues



1 Large Container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes


1 Machine washable rest mat (no plastic mats, yoga mats, pillows or sleeping bags). 


1 Blanket (optional) 


1 Re-usable bag used to transport your child's rest mat (LABELED WITH CHILD'S NAME)