Frequently Asked Questions

What is the snack policy for Pre-K?

Children must bring fruit or vegetables for snack time.  Fruit 
cups, applesauce or dried fruit may be sent for snack. Fruit with Jello may not be eaten during snack time. The only drink that can
be sent for snack time is plain water.

What is the lunch policy for Pre-K 3?

* Children bring lunch from home. Food may not be heated up
in the classroom. Please send lunch that your child likes. Although we encourage children to eat their lunch, some children refuse. It is a good idea to pack extra healthy snacks, just in case.

*Hot lunch may be ordered each month.

*You may send in juice, water or milk as a beverage.

*Please remember to send in forks, spoons and napkins.

Do children sleep at quiet time?

While children do not have to fall asleep at quiet time, most do 
sleep during this time.

What kind of rest mat should the children have for quiet time?

I encourage parents to send in a rest mat that has a built in 
pillow and is machine washable. You can either purchase a mat
that has an attached blanket or send in a small blanket to go
with the mat. The blanket and mat will be sent home to be washed
every two weeks. Plastic mats and sleeping bags should not be sent.

Where can I purchase a rest mat?

You can get a rest mat from many stores or on-line.  For those of you who 
are unable to find a rest mat, I recommend the following
website to purchase your child's mat.
Parents have been buying mats from M.A.T. Industries for my class
for 15 years and the mats are very well-made. You can purchase a
mat for a reasonable price. If you would like to order your mat over the phone,
then call 1 800 879-2760. You may call 8-5 Monday thru Friday.