Birthdays/ Holidays

Please let me know if you would like to send something in for your child's birthday celebration. You may send in small cupcakes or brownies without nuts and juice boxes.  We will usually celebrate birthdays after snack time.  Goody bags may not be sent in.

I can pass out invitations in the class if there are enough for the entire class, just the boys or just the girls.

Halloween Party in Pre-K 3/4

The children may bring their costumes to school on October 31st.  Costumes should not be scary.  Your child's costume may not have weapons.  Children must wear sneakers.

We will have a parade to show off our costumes to the older students and teachers followed by a small party in the classroom.

Room mothers will contact some parents to send in things for the party.  Please do not send in any additional treats.


On the day before Christmas vacation, the children wear their pajamas to school. We enjoy a pancake breakfast with all of the students and faculty of Saint Ann School. After breakfast, we sing Christmas songs.

We do not have a party in our classroom.

Valentine's Day Party

A Valentine's Day card should be sent in for each classmate.  Please write your child's name on each card, but do not address them to his/her friends.  Not addressing the cards, will make it easier for your child to pass out the cards.  Cards must not include snacks or candy.

Room mothers will contact some parents to send in party goods. Please do not send in any additional treats.