Classroom Supplies

Kindergarten Supply List


Please label all school supplies/packages (except pencils) with your child’s name. With the exception of cleaning/health supplies, all items should be brought in by the second day of school.


$10.00 in cash for class magazine, student journal and kindergarten lined paper to be used throughout the year


One each of the following:

  - backpack (no wheels allowed)

  - lunch bag or box 

  - pencil bag or case 

  - pair of child/blunt scissors

  - pkg pink erasers (3 to a pack) 


Two each of the following:

  - plastic coated folders (1 red, 1 green) – please, no binders

  - pkg #2 pencils, sharpened – (Ticonderoga preferred)


Additionally, students will need:

  - 5 pkgs Crayola crayons (8 or 16 pack) – basic colors are most important

  - 8 glue sticks (it sounds like a lot, but they will be used) - No Purple

  - 1 pair of headphones (to be left in classroom for students personal use)



**Due to limited storage, students will be assigned dates to bring in

    the following supplies so that they are available throughout the

    school year:

  - 2 packs of antibacterial wipes

  - 3 boxes of tissues

  - 3 rolls of paper towels


  - Last name A-F – 9/5/17

  - Last name G-L - 11/9/17

  - Last name M-R - 1/5/18

  - Last name S-Z - 4/6/18