Birthday and Allergy Policies

St. Ann Academy
Kindergarten Birthday Celebration Policy

If you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday here at school, please send in simple nut-free cupcakes with your child in the morning.  Our class has 25 students.

Please send an email or note prior to sending in a birthday snack for the class.  Mrs. Rivera and I will set aside a time within our schedule for the celebration and a heads-up is certainly appreciated. 

Due to school policy, we are not able to share class snacks with students who have food allergies.  If your child has any food allergies, I will do my best to notify you in advance of any celebrations so that you may send in a special treat with your child.  For convenience, you are more than welcome to send in several treats that I will store in the event of any surprise celebrations.

Birthday celebrations will take place in the afternoon after lunch. Goody bags, drinks, and paper goods should not be sent into school and will be returned if they do come in.

Any party invitations sent to school must be for the entire class or all students of one gender.

Food Policy

Students in Pre-K, K, and grade 1 are NOT allowed to bring food containing tree nuts.  This policy includes snack, birthdays, and lunch.  ONLY fruits and vegetables that can easily be eaten with hands are allowed as snacks in the classroom.  Please remember to pack your child with any napkins or utensils they may need for lunch.  Knives and glass containers/bottles are not allowed for safety reasons.