What we are learning and how we learn
Hello and welcome, please click to see what is knowledge is being obtained by students.  Typical units run from 2-3 weeks in time frame.  Please note: due to weather, school events, and religious holidays and observances some units may take longer to complete.  I have a strong academic belief in the quality of student understanding.

Math Classes at St. Ann are 1 hour in length and typically meet five days a week.

Blended Learning Model in the Classroom

Blended learning integrates the use of  technology, independent practice, face-to- face teacher instruction, and review and skills practice in the classroom.  It allows teachers to reach a student in various methods while improving the learning process.  Blended learning also values the idea of self-paced learning with in time constraints.  

The blended learning model in Middle School (6-8) is a bit different than in grades 4 and 5.  Students are all taught  mini lesson then they are broken out in to a rotational model.  Students may be on the computer, completing independent practice work, getting a reinforce small group instruction, completing a mini lesson check, or a concept review assignment.  Students are in each rotation for 15-20 min depending on topic and daily schedule.