Policies & Procedures

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Policies and Procedures
Social Studies / Religion
Mr. Tomasko

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We will use textbooks, primary source materials, plays, simulations, research projects, PowerPoint, videos, and a variety of SMART media for the purpose of exploring the subjects of Social Studies and Religion, and discovering how each applies to our daily lives. 

Social Studies: World: Adventures in Time and Place (6), The American Nation (7,8)
Religion: Alive in Christ (6, 7, 8)

Your progress will be assessed through quizzes, tests, a midterm and final exam, projects and presentations, periodic notebook checks, classwork, homework, class participation, attitude, and effort.

Student Responsibilities and Class Procedures:
• Above all, be respectful!  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If the situation does arise, I will “respectfully” ask you to leave the class or issue a behavior infraction.

• Say “hi” to your friends, gather your materials, and/or go to the bathroom before class. In other words, take care of your personal business on your own time!

• Be on time, take your assigned seat, and enter the classroom ready to work.

• At the beginning of class, there will usually be a Bellringer question on the board, which you will be required to complete as graded classwork.

• Take notes, fill in study guides, ask questions, and contribute to all class activities.

Weekly homework assignment sheets will be posted on my website and in the back of the classroom. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to contact me, or another student, for missed class notes. You are required to hand in assignments and take quizzes and tests according to the weekly homework assignment sheet unless there is an excused absence.

• All assignments are expected to be legible, complete, and handed in on time. Unless otherwise stated, all long-term assignments must be typed or neatly hand-written. PLEASE demonstrate proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar in all work submitted. 

• Regularly assigned homework will be graded throughout each marking period and appear as one averaged grade on MSP. Extremely poor or extremely late work will not be accepted or may receive a lower grade. Missing or incomplete assignments will result in a homework infraction.

Classroom Guidelines are posted on the front bulletin board and emphasize being respectful, responsible, conscientious, and kind!

• Demonstrate consideration for your classmates by avoiding both the display and usage of the following: ANY electronically or battery operated noise-producing, listening, or telephonic device, cosmetic items, edible items outside of designated snack time, gum, work from another teacher’s class, or anything that could interfere with the educational rights of others.

• This also applies to property! Your desk is not an Etch-A-Sketch. Your books are not doodling pads. Please throw trash where it belongs, NOT in desks, bookcases, on top of cabinets, on window sills, or on the floor! If you disrespect my property, or that of the Diocese, you will be doing some cleaning.

• Your binder should be neat and well-maintained. It will be checked and graded within the last week of each marking period.
• Please keep the following items in the Religion and Social Studies sections of your binder:
• Classwork
• Notes
• Study Guides
• Homework
• Returned Quizzes/Tests

You are expected to have a positive, informed, and involved attitude in class! Reading assignments will give you the background knowledge needed to contribute to a dynamic classroom environment. Class participation and behavior are parts of classwork and will affect your conduct and effort grades.

Homework will mainly be from the textbook and will consist of reading, skills review questions, document-based questions, critical thinking problems, and creative writing. You will also be expected to review your Study Guide for each chapter. Additional homework will be assigned as needed. Please review the missing homework infraction policy on my website. 

Study Guides:
You will receive a Study Guide containing key terms and concepts for each chapter from the textbook. It is designed to help organize your note-taking and you will complete it in class.

You will be required to complete, and briefly present, a research project assignment each marking period. Details and grading rubrics will be discussed. Projects are worth two test grades.

There will be a test after each chapter and quizzes on shorter section material. They may be multiple choice, short answer, constructed-response, document-based, essay, or any combination thereof. 

Extra Help:
I am able to provide extra help on Monday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. Please give me notice so that we can set up a mutually convenient time. 

Final Note:
While policy and procedure documents can be quite intimidating, they are necessary. My goal is to provide you with high-quality instruction in an orderly classroom setting. Know that I am here to help you! Please feel free to approach me with any questions you may have or for any assistance you may need. I welcome your input and would love to hear any constructive ideas or interests that you may have to help enhance your experience in our classes together. I am looking forward to a great year with all of you!