Policy and Procedures
Classroom Rules and Expectations:

  All students are expected to respect the teacher and their peers.  Inappropriate comments and question will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.  Raise hands when you would like to contribute to the class discussion or ask a question.  Please ask questions - there is no such thing as a silly question, except the one not asked.  

BE PREPARED/ORGANIZED:  Come to class prepared and organized for the day.  Have all of your materials for class so that you are able to participate in class discussion and complete any work.  

BE HONEST:   Cheating and lying is not tolerated at St. Ann.  Any cheating or lying taking place will result in disciplinary action, including a zero for the day. 

Classroom Materials:

Math:  please come to class with your math book, math notebook, and a pencil.  In addition to your materials, please be sure to have completed homework assignments with you in class.

 Science:  Please come to class with your notebook, a pen and pencil, and if you brought your book home, please bring it to class with you.  

***If you do not have your materials, including homework assignments in class you are not prepared for class, and will be given an infraction.  Further disciplinary action (for example a detention) will take place if it a constant occurrence.****

Extra Help Policy:

My extra help day is Monday from 2:15-3:15.  For a students to receive extra help, it is at the teachers discretion.  I will speak with the student and send an email to the parent if I feel the student would benefit by getting extra help on a particular topic or lesson.  

Students may NOT stay for extra help at their leisure because they want to study for a test or quiz coming up.  In addition, extra help is to give students extra guidance on topics being covered in class.  It is NOT a time to work on projects or papers.