Homework Page

 Why is homework assigned?


  • Is assigned to reinforce and review topics
  • It is the policy of St. Ann Academy that it is the responsibility of the student to get details regarding homework from the classroom teacher(s) each day.
  • Teachers post specific homework details such as page and problem numbers on their teacher webpage
  • In case of absence, the school will automatically place student assignments and materials on the bench outside the office to be picked up between 2:15 pm and 3:00 pm. Students can also contact a classmate or check the teacher’s website to get assignments.


Homework Policy


Regularly assigned homework will be graded throughout the week and appear as an average on MSP every two weeks. All assignments need to be completed to a satisfactory degree. Per the Family Handbook, homework will be given a reduction of 10 points each day that it is late. Homework more than 3 days late will receive a grade of 0. Failure to complete assigned work by the date that it is due, including long-term projects and having tests/quizzes signed, will result in the following infraction procedure:

Missing Homework Infraction Policy

Infraction 1

Verbal warning: assignment due the next day with a deduction of 10 pts.

Infraction 2

Written warning requiring parent signature

Infraction 3

Conference either on the phone or in person with parent(s)

Infraction 4

Stay in extended day homework for a time to be determined by the teachers and parents

Infraction 5

Detention if homework continues to be missing or incomplete

If missing homework escalates to detention level, students will be expected to complete their missing assignments during the detention (even if they do not receive credit). 


Homework policies

  • Homework is daily. Students begin working through a section of a chapter in class and complete that section for homework. 
  • Most assignments are due the next day, with an occasional exception for long term problem solving assignments / projects (all grades)
  • Sometimes homework in math will involve writing the reason(s) for choosing a particular method of solving or about a particular math concept.
  • Sometimes homework will involve a project.
  • Sometimes homework will involve using the internet.
  • All written math homework is to be done in book with work shown on loose leaf in the binder, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Math homework that includes a four square – The four square is worth 5 points