Blended Learning
This year in both Math and Science we are incorporating technology into the classroom a lot more often.  Students rotate through centers to complete various assignments.  Assignments via technology include using News ELA, research, Mathletics, Buncee and Google Classroom to complete assignments independently using the Chromebooks.  The following are just a few programs we use in the classroom on the Chromebooks:  

NewsELA - a program designed for students to read and article at their reading level and answer comprehension questions about the article.  The questions are both multiple choice and written responses.  Students submit their responses online and teachers are able to read and critique and grade their answers.

Mathletics - a Math program designed to help student recall and master topics covered currently in math class as well as previously learned material.  This program is a great way to monitor growth for math students.  It also keep the information fresh in their heads so they do not forget what they are learning.  Assessments are given throughout the year to check for growth and mastery of topics.

Buncee - a great program we just introduced to the students this year.  Buncee is similar to power point where students are able to use this program for class assignments, book retelling and summarizing and projects.  Currently we are using Buncee in Science for their weather and disease projects.  Students are extremely excited to use this program!