Blended Learning Model

Blended learning is a way of learning where students rotate on a fixed schedule every 15-20 minutes. In Literacy, students will participate in small groups:

-Teacher-Led Guided Reading Groups-work on specific reading strategies.
-Independent Reading-practice reading strategies learned with the teacher. 
-Writing-independently responding to reading and drafting writing pieces.
-Technology- practice reading skills and writing skills.

Students working on technology will be using Newsela, Buncee or Google Classroom Assignments. Newsela is an online program where students will read and respond to differentiated articles. Buncee is a presentation tool for students to create interactive classroom content. 

 In Social Studies, students will participate in small groups:

-Teacher-led instruction- Read and review concepts
-Individual/Group- Practice Skills and strategies, reading and questions 
-Technology- practice skills, Google Classroom, Buncee Presentations.