What We Are Learning!
Religion 5- This week, students are focusing on the first part of the mass known as the Liturgy of the Word. We will be taking a closer look at scripture passages and how the readings relate to each other. 

Science 5- We are wrapping up the year in Science. This week, we will finish telescopes and begin reviewing concepts learned throughout the year. We will be playing scoot, writing the room, and preparing for our field trip to the Discovery Museum where we will go to the moon!

Math 5- We are reviewing concepts from the beginning of the year. Our focus for the next two weeks will be on decimals. Students have been broken up into small groups and are working on their own level. 

Religion 4- This week, students are focusing on healing and Reconciliation. They will be focusing on how to show mercy and forgiveness to others. 

Science 4- We are continuing to study Magnets. This week, students will be creating a flip book and an interactive notebook to support their understanding. 

Math 4- All students will be taking a Fractions Test on Tuesday 5/23. We will then begin reviewing concepts that have been taught throughout the year. Students will be broken up into groups to work on skills that need to be reviewed.