What We Are Learning
  Our first graders have reviewed the consonants and their sounds, as well as the short vowel sounds.  We have worked with digraphs and consonant blends, and are now reading long vowel words.  We know the final e is silent and tells the vowel to say its name.  Guided reading groups work closely with me on phonics and leveled reading skills, and respond to their reading through writing.  Through our writing, we practice our grammar skills, including using adjectives to add details, and correct punctuation.  These skills are also reinforced during our center activities.

 In math, we are subtracting up to 20.  We use unifix cubes and number lines to model our numbers and subtraction equations, and use pictures to illustrate our math thinking. Please continue to practice math facts at home--it is a great way to increase math fluency!

Our religion studies focus on Advent and Christmas-a very exciting time of the year!  We learn about how this is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We have read stories about His birth, and really enjoyed watching "The Star!"