What We Are Learning
  In literacy, we continue to practice reading vowel team words, as well r-controlled vowel words.  We are also identifying compound words and counting syllables within words.  The students mark short and long vowels and vowel teams within their written work.  We are also studying synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.  Our small reading groups and center work allow the children to work closely with me to practice their reading fluency and apply phonics skills to their oral reading.  The weekly read-alouds provide a great way to work on reading strategies.  We are discussing and writing about story elements, including characters, setting, problem and solution, and retelling the beginning, middle and ending of a story. We also compare fiction and non-fiction books and their text features. Continue to read with your child at home!
    During math,we use strategies, such as number lines, ten frames and pictures to help us find the sum and difference. We use our strategies to identify missing addends and to determine if given equations are true or false. We use base-ten pieces to model and compare numbers.  Please continue to practice math facts at home with the flash cards that were sent home with your child.  It is a great way to increase math fact proficiency!
  We have begun our study of maps in Social Studies.  We are learning how to read maps and how they can be helpful to us.
  In Religion we are learning about the Holy Spirit and how God sent the Holy Spirit to be a guide for us and the church.  We are learning about the Saints and how they are heroes of the Church who led holy lives and now live with God.