Religious Education

St. Ann Academy proudly offers a classic Catholic education in a faith-based environment. Religion classes are taught daily in all grades, from PreK through Grade 8. Students also attend mass, Stations of the Cross, and Exposition. All holy days are observed with the school participating in the parish Mass.

All students participate in school-wide opening prayers in the mornings, school-wide closing prayers in the afternoons as well as mid-morning prayer to St. Ann and grade before lunch.

Religion All students and teachers attend Mass on First Fridays and Holy Days of Obligation. Students in the primary, intermediate and middle school attend Mass every other Friday during the month on a rotation system. Students are expected to participate in the responses of the Mass and are taught the appropriate responses in religion classes. 

In keeping with the purpose of a Catholic school, all students, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, are required to participate in the religious education program of the school. However, academic marks for religion classes are based on the student’s knowledge of course content and not on any kind of assessment of the student’s practice of faith or personal behavior.

Religion in Pre-K and Elementary

Students are taught an age level curriculum each day. The focus on God’s love for us and our responsibility to share that love one another is at the center of all that is taught.

Religion in Middle School

Mr. Michael Tomasko teaches religion to the 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Like all other grades, the students have Religion every day. Grade 6 Religion focuses on the Old Testament, Grade 7 on the Gospels, and Grade 8 on Church History. All of the grades focus on being “counter cultural” and the importance of making good decisions during the adolescent and teen years.