PreK - Grade 2


PreK 3/4 Children must be age 3 by December 31 and potty trained to be eligible. Children wear the navy blue school gym uniform. This program is staffed by 2 full time teachers. This educational model allows for a differentiated approach according to development, not chronological age. Students have specialists for art, music and Spanish. Tablets are available in the classroom for technology integration.


Our Kindergarten classroom allows the children expand on their Pre-Kindergarten experience by emphasizing writing, putting letters together to form words, learning sight words, and reading books at their individual levels. Concepts are reinforced as children are read to often. Daily printing, calendar and time skills are practiced. 

Grade 1

The transition to more academic rigor is evident in the 1st grade classroom. The day begins with the morning meeting, where children review their calendar and learn days of the week, the months and review the weather. This is also the opportunity to reinforce math concepts and children begin to understand place value and grouping things into bundles of 10.

Grade 2

“Moving upstairs” is a big deal for 2nd graders as they “graduate” to the upper floor of the school with the older children. The second graders are lovingly guided through an academic program that includes not only Mathematics and Literacy, but also a more structured approach to Science and Social Studies.