Homework & Expectations

Homework Policy

Per St. Ann Academy policy, it is the responsibility of the student to get details regarding homework from the classroom teacher(s) each day. Teachers do post specific homework details on the Teacher Web Pages for students and parents to reference.

PreK Homework

Although Pre-Kindergarten students do not receive homework, we are often asked what parents can do at home with their children to better prepare them for the challenges of the next grade.


In case of absence, the school will automatically place student assignments and materials on the bench outside the office to be picked up between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. Between 3:00 and 6:00, members of the Extended Day Program staff can assist you in retrieving the materials. Students can also contact a classmate to get assignments. The policy for making up work while a student is out sick or for other excused absence varies by teacher and can be found in his/her classroom policies.

Please see the Family Handbook for the policy on work missed for extended vacations.

The grading policy for missing/late homework varies by teacher and can be found in his/her classroom policies.


  • Encourage your child to talk about what you read and answer questions.
  • Encourage your child to use his/her words to make his/her needs known.
  • Have your child color and draw at home. Pay attention to whether or not your child has developed a hand preference or changes hands while using crayons, markers, and pencils. When your child is ready, he/she will learn to hold his/her crayon correctly.
  • Have your child practice using child-safe scissors. Guidance is required for some time until your child feels more confident using scissors.
  • Have your child find or name colors, shapes, numbers and letters in their environment and books.
  • Have your child practice printing letters and numbers.
  • Teach or review personal information occasionally with your child:
    (Children's age at which they are able to remember personal information varies. Please keep in mind that if it is not reviewed often, children may forget their birthday and other personal information.)
    First, middle and last name
    Telephone number
  • Have your child practice counting.
  • Encourage your child to count objects in his/her environment.