Grade 6 - Grade 8

Middle SchoolMiddle School – Grades 6-8

Research has shown that the “K–8 Model” is very effective. At St. Ann Academy, we believe there are academic as well as social and emotional benefits for our students. Younger students look up to the older ones, and the older students feel a responsibility to serve as role models to the younger ones.

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Homeroom

In the Middle School environment, students report to their homerooms in the mornings to participate in school-wide opening prayers, for attendance, to unpack and store their things, and for other administrative purposes. Students also finish their day in their homerooms to pack their things, get dismissal announcements, and to participate in school-wide closing prayer. All middle school homeroom teachers have time built into their schedules to offer extra help to students who need it. In addition, a variety of activities are arranged by homeroom, including birthday and holiday celebrations, and field trips.

Middle School Religion

Mr. Michael Tomasko teaches religion to the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Like all other grades, the students have Religion every day. Grade 6 Religion focuses on the Old Testament, Grade 7 on the Gospels, and Grade 8 on Church History. All of the grades focus on being “counter cultural” and the importance of making good decisions during the adolescent and teen years.

Middle School Literacy

Mr. John Dolan teaches Literacy – Reading, Literature Appreciation (genre studies, author studies, etc), Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing, to all of the middle school students. He sees each group for an 80-minute, uninterrupted block of time every day. Mr. Dolan is also the seventh grade homeroom teacher.

Middle School Math

Middle School math is taught at two levels: Regular Math and Advanced Math. Placement decisions are made by the middle school math teachers based on Standardized Test Scores, Report Card Grades, and prior teacher recommendations. Students may move from Regular Math to Advanced Math, or vice-versa, depending on performance. Miss Angelina Cardoso and Miss Michele Titus provide rigorous math instruction each day. Higher level thinking and writing is provided through problem solving and performance tasks.

Middle School Science 

Miss Michele Titus teaches Science to grades 6, 7 and 8 as well as Math.

Middle School Social Studies

Mr. Michael Tomasko teaches Social Studies to all middle school students and is the homeroom teacher for the sixth grade.