Grade 3 - Grade 5

Grades 3-5Grade 3

Our 3rd graders are very fortunate to have Miss Nicole Lane as their teacher. St Ann Academy’s strong Literacy program continues in third grade. During this year, a major shift occurs from “learning how to read” to “reading to learn”. Reading skills are put to use with more emphasis on Science and Social Studies as specific content areas

Grade 4

Homeroom and Grade 4 and 5 Religion, Math and Science Teacher Miss Julia Jennings enjoys transitioning the children as they begin their intermediate years. Children assume more responsibility for their learning, keeping themselves organized, and keeping track of their assignments. Fourth grade students at St. Ann also start switching classes for some subjects. Students also receive instruction from the fifth grade teacher in Literacy and Social Studies.

Grade 5

Homeroom and Grade 4 and Grade 5 Literacy and Social Studies 5th grade teacher Ms. Maloney has worked in the Diocese of Bridgeport for many years. She teaches English Language Arts to students in both Grade 4 and 5. English Language Arts consists of reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary. Miss Maloney’s students become proficient writers under her guidance.